DataCenter Solutions

Develop and Implement a Data Center Solution.

The conventional data center has been the traditional vehicle for supporting the business. Ironically, while technology liberated organizations from the bricks and mortar that once defined and contained them, the data center remained behind like a fixed point in space and time.

The new model for a data center is less tied to a physical plant and more integrated into the very fabric of an organization. It still has technology inside with blinking lights and wiring closets, but it also extends outward to the point where the business interacts with customers and partners.

Evaluate All Data Center Options

  • Converged Infrastructure environments can limit your ability to scale quickly. They are already being surpassed by Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) or Software Defined Data Center solutions. These are generally more scalable and cost-effective.
  • Private Clouds allow applications and workloads to be moved around an environment with ease. They need to be highly scalable and provide Public Cloud-Scale capability by allowing workloads to be deployed to 3rd party IaaS and Public Clouds.
  • Public Clouds offer a cost-effective alternative to managing and consuming resources on-premise. That’s because they can provide instant access to a vast pool of compute and storage resources. However, not all application workloads will work natively on these platforms while some will work with limited capability.
  • Traditional Platforms are suitable for applications with specific requirements, such as Oracle, SAP, BI, which cannot run in the cloud or in virtualized environments.

Develiping Your Data Center Plan

Secure7 understands the challenges you face, the questions that need answers, and the tough decisions you’ll need to take. These include:

  • How much more virtualization can I achieve?
  • How much more of my IT environment can be consolidated?
  • Should I build a private cloud, a public cloud, or a combination?
  • What about colocation – running my systems in someone else’s data center?

Secure7 will help provide the answers and recommend the best possible solutions for your business.
Together we will build your future-ready Data Center.

The Secure7 Commitment

  • Secure7 will understand your application workloads and associated data.
  • Provide expert advice and guidance on the best platforms and services to use.
  • Simplify your operations through Service Automation.
  • Streamline the provisioning of services to multiple cloud environments.
  • Monitor your environments and manage workloads and data through IT Operations.
  • Combine, manage and scale automated computing activities to your own requirements with Orchestration.

Enable access to platforms that connect to your on-premise virtualized and traditional platforms, and connect into Public Clouds and SEcure7’s Optimal Cloud security.

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