Application Security Testing

Secure your Web Application Layer.

Every security team possesses unique goals and challenges. You might be focused on securing just a few critical applications that drive your business. Navigating an ever-expanding application footprint can feel overwhelming; Secure7 can help you achieve success in your web application security testing program across all of your initiatives.

Coverage and Accuracy

Applications are ever-evolving, a collection of highly complex, interconnected components of which no two are alike. Given how dynamic web development can be, shouldn’t your application security program be built on technology that can adapt and keep pace? Our security tools provide the unprecedented ability to scan and simulate attacks on your applications so that no critical security vulnerabilities are missed. Our solutions not only minimize false negatives, i.e. missed vulnerabilities, but also minimize false positives thanks to technology continuously improved and informed by data from real scans out in the wild.

Proven Expertise

Web application security testing can be resource intensive; it requires not just security expertise, but also intimate knowledge of how the applications being tested are designed and built. For organizations looking to augment their team with experienced application security professionals, Secure7 has both the technology and the industry leadership to help you establish a world-class program. Our resident experts can run and tune scans, validate and prioritize vulnerability results, and deliver actionable reports with no false positives.

Our Strong Points

In this age of unprecedented digital connection, the role of a technology professional has never been more critical. We can help drive your organization's ability to innovate and take advantage of today's connected technologies while safeguarding us from the significant risk that comes with pervasive interconnectivity.

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