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Specalizing in Network Secuity, Data Conversion, and Custom Development.

Vulnerability Management

Go beyond launching scans and finding vulnerabilities.

Data Conversion

We can help you to successfully meet your data conversion objective.

Penetration Testing

Discover security gaps through safely simulated attacks on your network.

Security Consulting

Gain Security Resiliency.

Application Security

Secure your Web Application Layer.

Custom Development

Build the apps that transform your business.

Could you maintain business during a disruption?

When it comes to Business Continuity and business in general, different organizations will have different needs, but it all comes down to that question. With experience across multiple industries, Secure7 Inc. has full capability to create plans for complex problems to meet concise solutions.

Don’t let your business resiliency fall by the wayside because of short staffing, lack of technical knowledge or other business pressures. We offer a complete portfolio of consulting services to assess, implement, exercise and maintain the maturity and sophistication of your Business Continuity program.

Eliminate Downtime and Increase Productivity

Secure7 Inc. provides managed application maintenance and support at varying levels to meet your exact needs. We manage applications built using a wide variety of technologies. Our services include pro-active monitoring, root-cause analysis, preventative maintenance, service continuity and continuous improvement in the stability and availability of applications.

We apply a strong service delivery methodology that is based on known error databases (KEDBs), cookbooks and standard operating procedures. We meet or exceed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Business Level Agreements (BLAs).


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Secure7 transforms data into action, empowering IT and security professionals to progress and protect their organizations. How? Our solutions are powered by advanced analytics and an unmatched understanding of the attacker mindset. This makes it easy to collect data, transform it into prioritized and actionable insight, and get it to the people who can act on it—all in an instant.

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Our solutions and expertise harness the critical information essential to advance and protect an organization's best interests. We make it simple to unify operational data across systems, and our advanced analytics unlock the information required to securely develop, operate, and manage today's sophisticated applications and services.

  • We shine a light on blind spots to uncover hidden network and application vulnerabilities, risky user behavior, asset misconfiguration, cloud service usage, IT operations issues, and more.
  • We deliver the advanced analytics that allow security, IT, and operations to collaborate effectively to analyze risk, detect attacks, prioritize remediation, measure the impact of their actions, and respond at the moment of impact.
  • With automation and a maniacal focus on simplifying, we eliminate data drudgery and liberate technology professionals from the burden of manual busy-work so you are free to focus on more strategic, high-impact projects.

Armed with the right insight, at the right time, making the right impact — you finally have the clarity, control, and confidence to move your business forward. What insights can we provide for you?