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Repair Service

We Service Televisions, Projectors, Speakers, Amplifiers, AV Systems, Home Appliances, Restaurant Equipment, & Other Electronics.

Warranty and Out of Warranty Repair for:

Hitachi, Sansui, Orion, Denon, Marantz, Sanyo, Fischer, and more!

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480 E. Rosecrans Ave. Gardena, CA


Warranty Repair

Hitechtronic is an Official Service Center for Hitachi, Sanyo, Denon, Marantz, Orion, and more. We can do your in-warranty repair locally.

Out of Warranty Repair

Hitechtronic offers Affordable Repair Services for a variety of TVs, projectors, AV equipment, home appliances, restaurant equipment, and more!

Equipment for Sale

We are a Denon and Marantz Authorized Dealer and offer a variety of new gear. We also have a variety of refurbished equipment available.

Authorized Dealer


Authorized Dealer



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480 E. Rosecrans Ave.
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