Easy Profile Creation with History

The new and refined application UI helps easy creation of use profile, to manage the sync tasks, including source folders, filters etc.

Step by Step Wizard

Each process from profile creation, loading existing profile and file uploads, all come with a wizard to help get started quick.

Upload Logs and Progress

The application provides complete log of activities, with search and filters. It also shows live progress of files uploading with time remaining.

Built for Performance

We have tested the application to work good with over 1000 files in queue to make sure it works good without a downside in performance.

Sync Settings

Easy to manage sync settings help you tune the app behavior to suite your requirement.
Set up your Cirrus
Bulk Load Application

Installing Cirrus Bulk Load Application

Install the Application.
Login using your Cirrus Application Credentials.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions


How much space do I need to install the app?

The app will need about 150 MB of free space on disk to be able to install and run.

How can I submit feedback about the app?

You can use the Feedback/Support widget showing on this website and within the portal.

Is the app available for free with my account?

Yes, the bulk upload app is available with all subscription plans, including any free ones. Please get in touch with your account representative to get details.

How can I turn off desktop notifications?

You can turn off all notifications by selecting the option in the setting screen in the desktop app.

How will I get notified about app updates/new versions?

Update notifications are sent to the email address mentioned to your Cirrus account profile.

Is there a file size limit for files that are synced?

Although there is no limit to the maximum size of file that can be uploaded, but we would suggest using the Web App or Bulk Uploader app when uploading files more than 1GB in size.