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A powerful API for apps that work with files.

Read Our Docs

Read our developer documentation to help you get started with using the API to create your desktop/mobile/web app using our platform.

Create Your App

Bring in the power of cloud storage, team file sharing, security, online editing, muti-device sync to your app.

Test Your Ideas

Feel free to get in touch with our support team to get a test API key to use in your development playground before you go live with your ideas.

Cirrus Docs Works The Way You Do
Get to all your files from anywhere, on any device, & share them with anyone.

Getting Started

Get your credentials to start using the API. The complete API works using session object returned by the initial API call. Just get in touch with the Cirrus Team to get your API credentials.

Keep Your Files Safe

The API and Storage runs on highly optimized servers for performance and reliability. As a developer, you can rest assured your files are safe in our servers with frequent cloud backups.

Upload & Download Files Quickly

Our API makes it easy for you, as a developer, to make a few quick calls to the API for file uploads & downloads. Managing the folders, per user basis is also simple with the similar set of commands described in our developer docs.

Platforms We Support

The complete application is built on permissions for Admin, Account Admin and Users. They all can perform a set of actions using API based on their role.